….and today, my life changed….

*Note*This post has been saved as a draft for well over a year….”

It’s been so long. No real reason for my hiatus, other than the fact that I really didn’t feel like blogging. I also didn’t really have the time to. I’m a full-time Mom, I have a full-time job and a full-time relationship….you see where this is heading. I’m always busy doing SOMETHING. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. We’re a few weeks into the new year. I made a very drastic decision in regards to work, and that was to simply quit. My job was draining me. I realized that I no longer enjoyed being there. Unfortunately, I was like so many others….afraid. Afraid to look for better. Afraid to let go and move on. Afraid to believe in myself. I’d faught with the idea for months. Finally, I just did it. I started looking for a better opportunity, and I found it. Wednesday, I packed up my desk, of everything important to me, and I left. I start my new position on Monday.  There’s a lot more to this story, but I’ll blog on that later.

Today…man, today was a REALLY good day. I got to visit my Mom. I love her more than I could ever express. I went to the mall, and I just had some time to chill and be alone with my thoughts. We need that sometimes, ya know? I was sitting in bed, relaxing this evening with 2 of the loves of my life. My girlfriend and my youngest daughter. Something happened. Things changed in the blink of an eye….my girlfriend proposed to me, with my daughter. Apparently this had been in the works for quite some time. I’ve been completely in the dark. I felt this overwhelming joy. I have never been so surprised. I’ve been proposed to before, but this was perfect. It was unorganized, perfectly. She got down on one knee, next to the bed, with my daughter standing behind her….I said yes!

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