I’m in a mood. Not a bad mood…or even a good mood. Just a mood. Maybe I’m just emotional. I have so much on my mind, but I don’t really care to discuss it all. Have you ever just felt like, no matter what you said to explain your feelings, it just wouldn’t make sense. A couple of days ago, I was nearly in a devastating car accident. I was in my vehicle with my daughter, and we almost lost our lives. My car spinned out of control, multiple times into oncoming traffic. By the grace of God, we didn’t get hit and we didn’t crash into anything. I’ve been a little shaken up since then. Had I lost my life that day….I would have been unaccomplished in regards to my life. My daughters life would have been cut waaaay too short. There would have been things left unsaid. I don’t know. I’ve been thinking of things differently. It’s really been rough. I don’t think anyone understands how that affected me. I’m dealing with and BEATING an illness, but in that split moment, everything almost ended. It was beyond terrifying. It wasn’t even because of MY negligence or carelessness…it was due to another driver.
I have so much to say….I need to say them.  Tomorrow really isn’t promised….
I need to get my thoughts together and just say them.

2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Appreciate your vulnerability, and I am proud of your willingness to reflect. Life is filled with lessons, and I am glad it was one that inspired you to live everyday fulfillingly. Aim for your highest self, and life will unfold, love you.


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