You learn something new EVERYDAY….

Hey everyone!
I thought I’d take a moment to post about something that I’m dealing with.
As mentioned in a previous post….I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in February of 2015, and it’s been wreaking havoc on my body. I also went Natural around the same time….lets fast forward a little bit.
My hair, in the beginning of my journey was beautiful once my curls completely formed. They were thick and healthy. My hair was shiny and very easy to manage.


You see that?! Amazing, right?
Well, recently, I noticed that my hair began to change for the worst. I couldn’t/can’t get my hair to hold ANY moisture, it was/is dry and very brittle and I lost my curl pattern completely. I decided to cut off some of the damage and start over.


I thought I needed to change my products, and so I did. No luck. The problem persisted. I thought I needed a deep protein treatment….again, no 🎲.  I was fed up, and on the verge of making a very rash decision. Perming it. 😲 I was so sad and disappointed. My hair was thriving so much….what had I done wrong?
I saw my dr and had my blood drawn.


Nothing out of the norm for me. My results came back today and it turns out, it wasn’t ME, it’s my body. I am SEVERELY anemic. Normal levels range from 32-100….I’m at a 3. This revelation explains so much. Terrible fatigue, my hair… I started a high dosage of Ferrous Sulfate and Vitamin C, as of today. I have to repair my hair damage, from the inside, out.
So beginning today, I will take my meds exactly as prescribed and continue to make healthy choices when I eat. What you put in, you get out. Ladies, please stay on top of things concerning your body. It’s very important. You only get one body…take care of it.

One thought on “You learn something new EVERYDAY….

  1. Greetings Lady!

    I’ve missed you and returned to say HELLO, HAPPY NEW YEAR and discover if you’ve been blogging. This post is deep, the message a gentle reminder to me to honor my body temple. Thank you.

    I hope you’ve got your curls back to their popping state! My! How lovely they were.

    I’m looking for new 2017 posts. Are you still here? Listen. I understand if you are away, living. I’m only now returning to my blog home.

    Much love and abundant light,



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