You learn something new EVERYDAY….

Hey everyone! I thought I’d take a moment to post about something that I’m dealing with. As mentioned in a previous post….I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in February of 2015, and it’s been wreaking havoc on my body. I also went Natural around the same time….lets fast forward a little bit. My hair, in the beginning of my journey was beautiful once my curls completely formed. They were thick and healthy. My hair was shiny and very easy to manage. You see that?! Amazing, right? Well, recently, I noticed that my hair began to change for the worst. I couldn’t/can’t … Continue reading You learn something new EVERYDAY….

Trying to figure it all out….

It’s been awhile. I honestly just got bored with blogging. I had plenty of time to do so, I just didn’t want to. Sure there were things I could write about, again, I just didn’t want to. I have however, decided that in order for me to be “successful” at this whole thing, I can’t be structured. No challenges. No set theme or topic. No schedule. When it hits me, I’ll write. If I’m feeling it, I’ll write. Be it about my current relationship, a past relationship, my children, fashion or just a random topic. I have to just let … Continue reading Trying to figure it all out….