*Bonus Blog* Blue Suede Shoes…

This post is totally random and unplanned. I thought I’d tell you all about this dirty, little secret I have. It’s rough y’all. It keeps me up at night….I have a serious addiction.
Heels. OMG! I’m completely in love with shoes. The last time I counted, I was close to 100 pairs. Different colors, an assortment of heights. It really doesn’t matter…I’m in love with them all. It’s so bad, that there’s a particular store in the mall that causes my blood pressure to rise, my palms sweat and my heart races. No, seriously. I’ve had store clerks ask me if I was ok, because I looked like I was going to faint. One sure fire way to make me smile…. 👠. They make me feel strong and powerful. My walk is totally different in heels. *le sigh*
I’m going to share some of my high heel tips and some pictures from my ‘collection’…
1. I NEVER spend over $50 on a pair of heels EVER, FUCKIN EVER. It’s not necessary. I spend waaaay less.
2. Buy shoes that fit. Now granted, I understand that heels aren’t naturally comfortable, but going up a 1/2 size makes all the difference in the world.
3. “Simple up top, extravaganza down low”. I love a bold shoe. A simple pair of ripped jeans with a black top, finished with a deliciously crazy shoe…. #winning
4. Save even more money by looking online for coupon codes. Most retailers will accept a code that you found online, and honor it. I just got a pair of Gray, wool pumps for $7 bucks. There was a sale AND I had a coupon code. Regular price was $49.00.
5. If you’re not comfortable walking in heels…go for heels with a platform. The platform helps with stability. That minor lift is a lifesaver. I’m comfortable in heels and even I still prefer a platform.
Also, try wearing them around the house before you wear them out. Comfort is key. Clean up in them…it’s great for your legs.
Do you have any heel tips?? Let me know!

My faves…..








Mmmmmm, Yaaaaaaaaaaaas hunty!!
Here are some AWESOME sites to check out if you’re on the heel hunt….
Fly Jane
Lolli Couture
Remember, search for coupon codes BEFORE checking out and head straight to CLEARANCE. Your wallet will thank you for it!


3 thoughts on “*Bonus Blog* Blue Suede Shoes…

  1. Oh My goodness!!!

    I LOVE this post! Thank you so much for posting! I, too, have the same dirty luscious secret, and so much so, I even wrote a poem about it! I’m planning to film my visual image for the poem in my heels, after which I will record my poem as narration to the video and upload it to my YouTube channel, Claudia’sUniverse.
    And yesssss! I want you to go see it! I am a heel for heels, girly!
    Write more random posts, not that I don’t adore the others. I could live on your blog! Now…please carry on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol Awwwwww..thanks lady! I LOVE heels…4 pair just this month. I get wrapped up in life and neglect my blogging. I’m going to restructure and I’ll definitely be back. Meanwhile, I’m going to check out your YouTube channel!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yayyyy! Thanks so much, melaninlesbian! I am most appreciative and I will wait patiently until you revamp your already sensational blog!
        How about my sisters now bring me the sexiness heels! Life takes such amazing turns, doesn’t it?
        Happy weekend,


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