July Flame….

Our phone conversations occurred daily…our written correspondence was non stop. One day, during one of our phone calls, he asked me “What are you doing on July 20th?” “Uhhhh, that’s almost 2 months away….how the hell do I know?” I laughed, but he was silent….(these calls are timed….ain’t nobody got time for silence) “HELLO?!?!” I said. He said “Well, I hope you’re not too busy that day….I’m coming home.”
At that moment, I felt my heart rate speed up and this overwhelming joy took over. “WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!”
He was very serious. He was granted parole, and he was indeed coming home. I couldn’t contain myself. I ran around the house like I had just hit the lottery. We continued to talk everyday and write like we had been doing…except it was different. We discussed our plans together. Together. We talked about who we’d go visit and where he wanted to have dinner. I remember one of our last phone calls, and I asked what he wanted me to cook for him when he got home…
Steak. Loaded Mashed Potatoes. Green Beans. Dinner Rolls. Cake. Sprite. I could definitely handle that. I went back to my question to him….home. Where would home be? I was a single Mom and despite being hopelessly in love with this man that I had known forever….I was a MOM and I really didn’t know him anymore. I made the decision to keep him away from my daughter until I felt comfortable with him. I refused to have some ‘random’ guy in my home with my young daughter. Honestly, it didn’t feel safe or responsible. I explained that to him and he completely understood….he didn’t really have a choice. So, as the day of his arrival approached, I made arrangements with my Mom to keep my daughter for a couple of days, so we could get reacquainted.
We were less than a week away, and I couldn’t have been more nervous. How would he look? Would he hug me, or kiss me? Would there be any connection? I just didn’t know, but I was excited about finding out….this was happening because it was supposed to….

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