My Baby Just Cares For Me….

I’m in bed, just relaxing. The TV is on, but the volume is very low….almost at a whisper. I’m not paying attention to it anyway, it doesn’t matter.
I’m listening to, and watching the love of my life…sleep. Not in a creepy kinda way, but in a….I really love her, kinda way. I love the sounds she makes while she sleeps. Low moans. Her facial expressions change often. Even with her eyes closed, completely unaware, she’s full of character. Sometimes her eyebrows are ‘scrunched’, like she’s confused….if she were awake, I’d be saying “fix your face!!” Lol Just as quickly, she relaxes and is completely calm. Whatever had her perplexed, has gone. Maybe I stepped into her dream. The corner of her mouth is up….in sort of this tiny, flirty little smile…and again, her expression vanishes. Calm. As I’m typing this, she reached out for my hand. Fingers open, palm up….she wants to hold my hand…I oblige.


When it’s quiet, and everything is still, you notice more. You realize what matters most. As I lay here, next to the love of my life, I am overcome with emotion. I have spent so many years craving THIS. What SHE gives me. What WE have. I am beyond blessed. I thank God for her, for these moments. Moments like these can’t ever be taken away, or tainted. These moments with her are mine, forever, and she’s completely unaware, but more involved than she will ever know.


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