Let’s Talk About Sex…..

So, I took a break, so that I could regroup and get refreshed. Binge blogging takes a toll….especially when you’re recalling very emotional, sometimes painful events from your life. I stepped away, focused on my happy, and now I’m back. I’ve decided to pace myself a little….slow and steady wins the race, right?
Instead of diving back into the dysfunctional life I was blogging about, I’ve decided to write about something that excites me….really excites me….SEX.
I should start by saying….I am in the most beautifully, gratifying relationship. My girlfriend is beyond amazing. Our relationship is relatively new, but we often joke that it feels like we’ve been together for years….
Today, I came home from work early and we had AWESOME sex.


I felt like we were completely in tune with one another. It was like I missed a piece of her. I tend to be a very passionate lover….it’s hard sometimes to be the lover you want to be due to certain circumstances. Kids being the main circumstance….tiredness from work and everyday life, being a couple of others. We fell into….life. Before we got as close as we are….a lot of our intimacy would be in a nice hotel room, during a weekend away….primarily out of respect for my daughters. We chose to be aware. Kids are impressionable and fuckin nosey, so we’d save those moments, for times away.


Now that we’ve invested more time in our relationship, and we KNOW that we want to build something together….this isn’t temporary and we’re a FAMILY….things have shifted. We live as a family. Although she has her own home, in another city, we spend 95% of our days together….kids included. We plan to cohabitate soon, and merge our lives and belongings. I’m excited about that.
So what made the sex today, so great? Let me tell you…
1)We were home alone, and
2)It was in the middle of the day.
Now, those 2 little things may not seem like much, but when you’re full-time, working parents, those 2 little things are everything. Being in your bed, with the ability to voice your pleasure, without the worry of being overheard is definitely, freeing. I love to hear her. Really hear her. That’s a major turn on. Next….when you’re almost always forced to have sex at night, once your children are asleep…it restricts you. I, personally prefer day time sex….but most times, that’s not possible. We work different shifts…We’ve come to the conclusion that we just got caught up in life and we have to get back to where we were. I think we have to designate one weekend a month, away from home, just to fuck. I mean, really fuck. Not safe, quiet, paranoid sex….
We can use that time to reconnect and let go. We need that, YOU need that. You can’t lose a big piece of what you had in the beginning, and expect things to remain the same. It’s important to stay sexually connected.
Make time for passion. Make time for long kisses, and naked hugs. FIND time for your mate. To be completely honest, sex doesn’t have to be the goal. Go old school. Play around under the covers. Flirt. Build up to that weekend away….and then, fuck until you can’t fuck anymore.


Go home and go back to being respectful, responsible parents….but before she drifts off to sleep that night, whisper something nasty in her ear and kiss her goodnight.


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