July Flame….

Our phone conversations occurred daily…our written correspondence was non stop. One day, during one of our phone calls, he asked me “What are you doing on July 20th?” “Uhhhh, that’s almost 2 months away….how the hell do I know?” I laughed, but he was silent….(these calls are timed….ain’t nobody got time for silence) “HELLO?!?!” I said. He said “Well, I hope you’re not too busy that day….I’m coming home.” At that moment, I felt my heart rate speed up and this overwhelming joy took over. “WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!” He was very serious. He was granted parole, and he was … Continue reading July Flame….

My Baby Just Cares For Me….

I’m in bed, just relaxing. The TV is on, but the volume is very low….almost at a whisper. I’m not paying attention to it anyway, it doesn’t matter. I’m listening to, and watching the love of my life…sleep. Not in a creepy kinda way, but in a….I really love her, kinda way. I love the sounds she makes while she sleeps. Low moans. Her facial expressions change often. Even with her eyes closed, completely unaware, she’s full of character. Sometimes her eyebrows are ‘scrunched’, like she’s confused….if she were awake, I’d be saying “fix your face!!” Lol Just as quickly, … Continue reading My Baby Just Cares For Me….

Let’s Talk About Sex…..

So, I took a break, so that I could regroup and get refreshed. Binge blogging takes a toll….especially when you’re recalling very emotional, sometimes painful events from your life. I stepped away, focused on my happy, and now I’m back. I’ve decided to pace myself a little….slow and steady wins the race, right? Instead of diving back into the dysfunctional life I was blogging about, I’ve decided to write about something that excites me….really excites me….SEX. YEP….THAT. I should start by saying….I am in the most beautifully, gratifying relationship. My girlfriend is beyond amazing. Our relationship is relatively new, but … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex…..